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How to manage inkjet printer consumables_inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-19

There are more and more companies using cij printers, so cij printer consumables are also becoming popular, so how should we manage the inkjet printer consumables after we buy it? What safety regulations should we pay attention to when managing consumables? The following is a popular science by Manufacturer Technology Co., Ltd.:

Most of the inkjet printer consumables use ketone-based or alcohol-based ink, mostly acetone, alcohol and other cleaning fluids. Pay attention to the following points when using:

1. Any used cleaning materials are a fire hazard. For example, paper towels used for wiping must be recycled and disposed of in a safe manner after use.

2. The chemical reagents of the inkjet printer consumables are flammable and explosive, so in the process of using, we must pay attention to prevent fire.

3. Many inkjet printer inks contain nitrocellulose as a binder, so they are very flammable when they are dry, and oxygen will be generated when they are burned, so fire extinguishing* uses cooling methods, such as Water is a better choice. 

4. Do not use water to extinguish fires caused by electrical appliances. If you must use water to extinguish fires such as nitrocellulose ink, you must first disconnect the power supply.

5. Choose a professional inkjet printer company to provide consumables. Professional inkjet printer companies like Factory Technology Co., Ltd. provide inkjet printer consumables in terms of quality, composition and packaging. Strict requirements, such inkjet printer consumables are safer during transportation and storage.

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