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How to master the essentials of laser printer operation

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-05-03
In the daily operation of the coding machine, some simple operations and settings need to be solved. The essentials of coding machine operation mainly include: (1) power on, (2) power off, (3) editing and modification of coding content, (4) coding retrieval and coding, (5) coding operation some precautions.   In view of the above coding machine operation essentials, how can the operator master these essentials? The following summarizes the training experience of the operators, so that the operators can operate the coding machine as soon as possible.   1. If you have not been in contact with coding equipment, or do not know this kind of coding equipment very well, you should first learn about coding equipment in advance through various means. 2. Before the coding equipment is delivered to the enterprise for use, the engineers of the coding equipment manufacturer will train the relevant operators. The characteristic is larger coding equipment. At this time, the operator is the most direct and best master of the operation essentials of the coding machine At the time, the operator must make good use of this opportunity of handover training and study hard until they can operate the coding equipment proficiently.  3, familiarize yourself with the manual of the coding equipment. The manual contains detailed descriptions of machine equipment introduction, performance characteristics, operating essentials, etc. Every operator should know the manual thoroughly so that he can have a certain understanding of the causes of coding failures when problems occur.
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