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How to operate the handheld printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-20

ufeffThe current development trend of handheld cij printers tends to be more and more portable and compact, and their functions are becoming more and more perfect. It is suitable for enterprises that do not need high production speed. The following briefly introduces the operation process of the handheld cij printer:

First, move the machine carefully and gently. After power-on, do not plug or unplug the sprinkler line with power to avoid burning the sprinkler.

2. After turning on the next day using the side spray method, first spray some cleaning fluid on the surface of the nozzle, and then squeeze the ink bag one minute later; let the nozzle flow out the ink, and then Put a piece of white paper in front of the nozzle, press the power spray button to move the paper to the front of the nozzle; test the spray printing effect 128 holes all out the ink (no white line), then OK, if there is a white line in the middle, squeeze the ink bag ; Repeat the following work until the printing effect is confirmed, and then work again.

3. After turning on the next day in the downward printing mode, loosen the handle screw on the nozzle clamp block to move the nozzle horizontally, repeat the second part of the work to confirm the printing effect; Adjust the nozzle to the desired printing position. Secure the nozzle with the locking handle screw. Please note that it is forbidden to change the direction of the nozzle before loosening the handle screw; this will cause the nozzle to be loosely tightened and affect the printing quality.

Four. When the handheld cij printer is used for one month, it is necessary to add some lubricating oil to the place of the lubricating oil to keep the machine in good condition.

Therefore, the correct use of hand-held cij printers can extend the service life of the inkjet printer and ensure the safety of users.

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