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How to operate the ink jet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-30

The cij industrial inkjet printer is a special equipment for printing logos. The current one is intelligent printing, which is controlled by computer software and can be printed on the product using a non-contact method. Generally, ink jet printers are used. This is a device with an ink path system, and ink and solvents need to be added. The ink jet printer is able to complete the printing of the logo, and the equipment should be used correctly if it has a good jet printing quality and effect.

How to operate the coding equipment? In fact, don't worry too much. The ink jet printer can set information such as jet angle and height, and the color of jet ink can be changed, not only limited to one type, but can achieve more printing with different jet printing requirements. The user customizes the information of the cij printer, and sets and modifies the information on the operating interface of the inkjet printer. Make sure there is no problem with the set information, start printing, the device will start to run, and print the logo at the set speed. When using the ink jet printer for the first time, you can try it out first, mainly to see whether the equipment is running stably and whether there are other problems. This step is very important.

For novice users, if they have no experience in the first operation and worry about bad operation, then they must consult the equipment manual. The operation guide on the manual can give users some confidence. You can’t understand how to operate the equipment just by reading the paper manual, so watching the operation video will be helpful. If you have any problems in the actual operation, you can contact the equipment manufacturer at any time to get a solution. As long as it is used in the correct way, there will be no problems. With the extension of time, there may be some problems with the ink jet printer. Contact the manufacturer for maintenance and care for normal use.

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