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How to perform after-sales service for inkjet printers

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-17

With the continued prosperity of the national economy, the inkjet printer industry has also made remarkable achievements. Currently, there are thousands of printer manufacturers in China. At present, the development of inkjet printers is still stable, but it will take some time to compete with foreign products.

At present, China's various industries have become more large-scaled in product labeling, which has promoted the rapid growth of labeling equipment. Correspondingly, the steadily developing inkjet printer market appears to be more prosperous once again in the Chinese sign industry. Service providers of different sizes and levels began to appear. Various promotions, price cuts and service promises are flooding the market. For most users who do not understand the industry, it is usually impossible to judge the quality of the service provider. Sometimes blind choices are inevitable.

are closely related to our work and life. This industry has been growing in people's eyes, and it is also developing in people's neglect and disorder. For the printers that most manufacturers must use, there is neither media attention nor industry self-regulatory associations nor national standards to implement.

It is understood that due to various factors such as technology and after-sales service, the strength of the inkjet printer and the status quo of the industry and other factors, the price of domestic inkjet printers is between 20,000 yuan and 3 Every 10,000 yuan per unit is worrying.

There are many traps in domestic inkjet printer after-sales service. At the beginning of the inkjet printer business, they promised free maintenance within one year, but in the second year, users suddenly found those small accessories that were expensive and frightened. When buying cij printers, users often neglect to ask about the price list of accessories. In this case, some manufacturers' after-sales personnel will be black. Sometimes, a photoelectric switch will cost more than 800 yuan. The expensive accessories not only make users overwhelmed, but also make us feel that the industry is too messy.

It is reported that the cij printer with good stability is closely related to the manufacturer's investment. The manufacturer's investment in software, hardware and development management directly determines the manufacturer's service capabilities. In terms of investment, there are often gaps in current domestic coding levels among machine manufacturers. While some small service providers are still using patchwork equipment and fighting price wars, large service providers have begun to move towards internationalization through financial strength and technical strength. Through financial strength and technical strength, the gap with small and medium service providers has been opened.

If service providers are unable to improve their technical level and provide good services with insufficient hardware and equipment, their limitations in investment and service capabilities will soon reveal their lack Continuous service capability.

manufacturers believe that in today's society, people's requirements for quality of life and service levels are gradually increasing, and the requirements for after-sales service are also getting higher and higher. Therefore, inkjet printer suppliers should focus on after-sales service and try their best to meet customer needs.

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