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How to properly maintain the laser of the UV laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-02-04

The important part of the UV laser marking machine is the laser. The laser is the core part of the UV laser marking machine. If the core part is well maintained, the common problems will naturally be reduced a lot, and the service life of the UV laser marking machine will also increase.

The laser of the UV laser marking machine has requirements for the environment. The working environment is water-cooled. We generally have to wait for the temperature of the chiller to reach 25 degrees before turning on the laser. It is recommended that customers use UV laser marking machines in dust-free workshops. In workshops with excessive dust, dust may fall into the lenses and reflectors, and the beam expander will affect the weak beam. Regular maintenance and cleaning should be carried out to avoid affecting normal use.

If the laser cannot be connected to power, do not rush to press the button on the laser, you should check whether the adapter is powered on, the device Check whether there is grounding treatment, whether the wires are damaged, etc., and the laser cannot be powered on. The indicator light next to the laser button does not light up, the laser does not emit light, and the marking software is opened to indicate that it is not connected or unavailable. If the problem has not been solved after various investigations, it is recommended that a professional be repaired.

If the temperature of the UV laser marking machine is too high, it is generally the alarm that the temperature of the laser is too high. The treatment method is to check whether the ambient temperature is too high or the internal temperature of the equipment If it is too high, consider whether the ventilation is good. Water cooling Check that the flow rate of the water cooler is too low or the cooling effect is poor. When necessary, turn off the computer, turn off the laser, turn off the key switch, and wait for professionals to arrive at the scene to investigate and solve the problem, so as to avoid damage to the laser or other components due to wrong operations. Recommendation: Do not turn off the main power switch, so that the UV laser can work in a dormant standby state, which can maintain the temperature of the frequency-doubling crystal, which is beneficial to the storage of the crystal and prolongs its service life.

It is difficult to eliminate the weak laser beam. We first check whether the frequency of the working parameters has changed. If it is too low, pay attention to it (the lower limit is 30KHZ), it may be damaged. crystal. If the problem has not been solved, check whether the power parameters have changed. If there are changes, you need to increase the power parameters, generally adjusting the pulse width and current. If the above processing is not solved, it is recommended to check whether the lenses are covered by dust. Dust should be Timely cleaning According to the factory environment, regular inspection, cleaning and maintenance are carried out. If the above methods cannot solve the weak laser beam, professional treatment is required.

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