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How to repair the nozzle blockage of the small character inkjet printer? Ruirun answers for you

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-26

How to repair the nozzle blockage of the small character cij printer? Ink consumables for inkjet printers are generally quick-drying, and some are pigment-based. The pigments are easy to settle, so the nozzles are more likely to be clogged. The following editor briefly introduces the nozzle clogging of the two small-character inkjet printers and how to deal with it. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

1. There are ink lines, but the ink lines are very off-set, and may be in different positions each time.

We can first try to operate directly on the machine, and open the nozzle by exhausting, flushing, and opening and closing the nozzle several times. This method is very useful in most cases, so it eliminates the trouble of removing and cleaning the nozzle. If it doesn't work, only remove and wash the nozzle.

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2. There is no ink line. The nozzle needs to be removed and cleaned. The specific cleaning method is as follows: 1. Prepare about half a bottle of cleaning fluid. Put the nozzle into the cleaning fluid bottle, close the lid and shake it vigorously. Generally, it will be done after 5-6 minutes.

2. If it is not successful. Continue to soak for about 10 minutes, and then shake.

3. If you haven't succeeded, you can check whether there is something stuck on both sides of the nozzle. You can use a fine needle to pick up the foreign matter attached to the nozzle, and then shake the bottle. This is basically done.

4. If it is still not good, you can use dilute acid (dilute hydrochloric acid) to soak for about 3 minutes, generally it can be solved.

5. If it is still not resolved, add cleaning fluid to the nozzle house beaker, and fill the ultrasonic oscillator with an appropriate amount of water. Putting the beaker into the water can make the bottom of the beaker contact with the bottom of the ultrasonic wave instead of floating on the water. The problem is generally solved by turning on the ultrasonic vibration for 10 minutes.

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