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How to solve the failure of the computer of the fiber laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-26

Fiber laser marking machine is also called fiber laser Leadtech Coding machine, fiber laser typewriter, fiber laser laser engraving machine, fiber laser laser machine... It uses a high-energy laser beam to irradiate the surface of the workpiece, and the light energy instantly becomes The heat energy makes the surface of the workpiece evaporate quickly, so that any required characters and graphics are engraved on the surface of the workpiece as a permanent anti-counterfeiting mark. Laser marking is characterized by non-contact processing, which can be marked on any special-shaped surface without deformation and internal stress of the workpiece. It is suitable for marking materials such as metal, plastic, glass, ceramics, wood, and leather.

The fiber laser marking machine adopts the scanning method to mark, that is, the laser beam is incident on the two mirrors, and the computer is used to control The scanning motor drives the mirrors to rotate along the X and Y axes respectively, and the laser beam falls on the marked workpiece after being focused, thereby forming the traces of the laser marking.

In the process of using the fiber laser marking machine, sometimes the computer crashes, the computer system crashes, the LMC control board cannot be detected, and the dongle cannot be detected. , If there is a problem with the marking machine computer, what is the reason? How to solve it?

First, the operating system cannot enter the black screen as soon as it is turned on. If this problem occurs, we should first observe whether the work light is on normally. If it is not on, it may be 220V power supply. If there is a problem, the fuse is burned out, or the 12V switching power supply is burned out, if the working light is normal and the display is black, it can be judged that there are three: the display is damaged; whether the power cord from the main board of the industrial computer to the display is plugged in properly; the power supply of the industrial computer has no output, Measure it, confirm that there is input, then turn off the power, mainly listen to whether the motherboard has a beep, this sound means that the motherboard is not damaged. Check the 12V power supply, if the 12V power supply is plugged in well, it can be judged that the display is damaged; if the display shows 'no signalInsert the memory stick, if it still alarms, you can judge that the motherboard is damaged and replace it directly.

Second, the computer crash of the laser marking machine may also be caused by a sudden power failure. The main board, hard disk and board will cause different degrees of damage. If the system has problems, it crashes from time to time after entering. This phenomenon only needs to enter DOS and use ghost to restore the system. If it still crashes from time to time, it is necessary to consider whether it is a hardware problem. Most of the problems in the hard disk are caused by the motherboard. Therefore, if the customer crashes, it is necessary to bring some main components in the industrial computer during maintenance.

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