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How to solve the fault of the inkjet printer?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-07-31
The small character inkjet printer is a common date-laser marking machine and equipment in our manufacturing and processing plants. Many manufacturers have cij printers in application, and some manufacturers even have many inkjet printers. The cij printer is used in the whole process of application. The most frequently encountered and most troublesome problem is the problem of poor typing. If your inkjet printer application encounters such problems, how to solve it? First of all, we are going to analyze why the characters of the inkjet printer are not well typed. The common reasons are as follows: 1. The ink outlet of the nozzle is blocked, which causes the ink droplets to be blocked when the computer is typing, causing the printing Only the upper half or the lower half of the word.

Solution: Immediately check whether the ink outlet of the nozzle of the printer is blocked by dirt, and if it is, it can be cleaned immediately.

2. Another situation is a more difficult situation to deal with. This is determined by the characteristics of the inkjet printer itself, and it is also the most difficult situation to solve. All scattered and crooked.

Solution: In this situation, everyone must go to the main parameters of the system software of the printer.

It can only be processed by adjusting some relevant main parameters, and this work must be carried out only by the technical professional after-sales maintenance service project of the cij printer manufacturer.

3. The last situation is that the sketch line of the inkjet printer is skewed, resulting in a line of information content that is not very good when printing several lines, and the font style is unclear and scattered. Solution: In this case, you must find the manufacturer of the inkjet printer.
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