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How to solve the inconsistency between the red light preview of the laser marking machine and the actual marking position

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-10-31

When the fiber laser marking machine was debugged, the red light was used to preview the frame positioning, but when the laser marking machine was marking, the marking document position and positioning appeared I believe that many people have encountered such problems in the situation of deviation, so how to solve the inconsistency between the red light preview of the fiber laser marking machine and the actual marking position?

Laser Regardless of whether the marking machine is a fiber laser marking machine, an ultraviolet laser marking machine, or a carbon dioxide CO2 laser marking machine, users may encounter the same problem when using it, so there are two ways to solve it.

1. Optical path adjustment

The position of the red light is deviated, and you can manually correct it. If you open the light path housing, there is a positioning red light in front of the laser , You can loosen the screw, and then compare the marked text position to adjust, until the red light preview matches the text position and coincides.

Second, software adjustment

The laser marking machine generally uses the gold orange marking card, the range indicated by the red light and the actual marking range Inconsistent, this is caused by the inappropriate ratio of the red light indicator. Adjusting the size ratio under the 'Red light indicator' column in 'Parameter'-'Laser Control' can solve this problem. At the same time, adjusting the X and Y values u200bu200bof the offset position can make the red light index range completely coincide with the actual marking range.

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