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How to solve the marking dislocation of fiber laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-28

The application of fiber laser marking machine is very wide. It can not only mark logos, two-dimensional codes and other patterns on the surface of metal materials, but also mark some non-metal surfaces. The fiber laser marking machine can be carried out according to actual application scenarios. The customization of the model can be a larger enclosed laser marking machine or a small portable hand-held fiber laser marking machine. We will not go into details about its advantages.

Next, we will explain to you how to deal with the pattern dislocation during the use of the fiber laser marking machine?

1. When the fiber laser marking machine is misplaced during the marking operation, we should check the equipment in time, check that the screws of the stable galvanometer are not locked, and then install the galvanometer. Stable and tight.

2. The problem of the operating system or marking software, or the anti-virus software installed in the operating system sometimes also causes this problem. Reinstall the system or delete the antivirus software and reinstall the marking software.

3. For the problem of the galvanometer itself, the galvanometer can be replaced.

The above are several solutions to the misalignment of the fiber laser marking machine. If the above has not been solved, you can go online contact us.

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