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How to solve the problem of coding defects on the packaging bag production date coding machine? You can see all of these

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-09-02

Currently, inkjet printers are widely used in various industries, focusing on inkjet printing. The application needs of different industries are different, and the functional models of cij printers will also be different. Take the packaging bag production date coding machine as an example. If there are defects or incomplete characters in the coding, how to solve it?

1. Re-adjust the position of the ink line

There are many things to consider when using the inkjet printer, such as the production date of the packaging bag and the printer if there is a lack of code for the inkjet, etc., Pay attention to adjust the ink line of the printer in time. If the inkjet printer has been used for a long time, small changes will be found in the ink line position during this process, which indirectly affects the lack of characters and flower characters of the cij printer. If any defects are found in the operation, the ink lines must be checked in time. Location.

2. Re-select the appropriate ink

The inkjet printer is used by ink, and different types of inkjet printers will have their own corresponding ink specifications and classifications, especially inks The viscosity, etc., to ensure that it meets the requirements of the coding operation. If there are character defects, etc., it depends on whether the ink meets the needs of the inkjet printer, whether the viscosity is normal, and whether the ink is within the warranty period, so as to avoid the normal operation and use of the inkjet printer.

3. Restart the printer and use it.

The production date of the packaging bag, the printer and other operations, also pay attention to the inspection of the entire printer’s equipment operation process to see if it is normal Stable use. In particular, the inkjet printer itself pays attention to the correct grounding. If it is not effectively grounded, it will directly cause interference, which will naturally affect the stable operation of the inkjet printer. It is recommended to check the entire equipment first to eliminate the existing safety hazards, etc., to support the efficient use of the cij printer, and the inkjet texture is better.

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