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How to solve the problem of inkjet printer? -

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-29
Small-character cij printers are common date-printing equipment in manufacturing and processing plants. Many manufacturers have inkjet printers in use, and some manufacturers even have many inkjet printers. The cij printer is in the whole process of application. The most frequently encountered and most troublesome problem is the problem of poorly typed characters. What if everyone's inkjet printer application encounters this type of problem? First, we need to analyze how the characters of the inkjet industrial inkjet printer can not be printed well. The common reasons are as follows: 1. The ink outlet of the nozzle is blocked, causing the ink droplets to be blocked when the computer is typing, resulting in printing. The words only have the upper half or the lower half.

Solution: Immediately check whether the ink outlet of the printer nozzle is blocked by dirt, if it is cleaned and tidy immediately.

2. The other situation is the more difficult situation to handle. This is the characteristic decision of the inkjet printer itself, and it is also the most difficult situation to solve, that is, the interruption point of the inkjet printer is not That's great, the characters that are typed out are all scattered and crooked.

Solution: You must go to the main parameters of the inkjet printer's system software for this type of situation.

Adjust some related main parameters to deal with it, and this work also requires everyone to print the code. The technical professional after-sales maintenance service project of the machine manufacturer can be carried out.

3. The final situation is that the inkjet industrial inkjet printer's sketch line is offset, which causes a line of information to be not printed well when printing several lines, and the font style is unclear and scattered. Solution: In such situations, you must find the printer manufacturer’s
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