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How to solve the problem that there is no ink line in the small character inkjet printer and ink leakage from the spray gun?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-20

Small character inkjet printer is also known as continuous cij printer or CIJ inkjet printer. Its working principle is that, under pressure, ink enters the spray cavity, which is equipped with a crystal oscillator. Through vibration, The ink is ejected from a nozzle with a very small aperture (usually 60 microns) to form fixed intervals. Through the processing and phase tracking of the CPU, some ink dots passing through the charging electrode are charged with different electric cores. After thousands of Under the high-voltage magnetic field of volts, different deviations occur, and the nozzles fly out and fall on the surface of the moving product, forming a dot matrix, thereby forming characters, numbers or graphics. The small character inkjet printer has no ink line: check whether the pump is working normally and whether the ink flow at the ink supply outlet is normal. Remove the nozzle and check if the ink on the body of the spray gun can flow out normally. Check whether the nozzle is blocked, clean the nozzle, unscrew the nozzle cover, put the nozzle in the cover into the solvent bottle cap, soak and clean, there is an ultrasonic cleaner that can be used to clean it. Clean the nozzle piece, remove the nozzle piece and put it in the solvent bottle cap, soak and clean. Ink leakage in the spray gun of the small-character cij printer: ink leakage at the welding place of the ink inlet metal pipe and the spray gun, the small iron pipe is broken, re-welding or replacement of the spray gun. Recycle the ink leakage at the welding place of the metal pipe and the spray gun, and the small iron pipe is broken, re-welding or replace the spray gun.

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