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How to solve the scattered points of the inkjet printer?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-28

The scattered points of the cij printer may be that the nozzles are clogged, but they are not completely blocked. The ink droplets printed are not straight, resulting in scattered printing content. In this case, you only need to clean the nozzles. Another reason may be that the print head's voltage is too high, which causes the printing intensity to increase. At this time, you only need to lower the voltage. If the printing interval of the cij industrial inkjet printer is too long, it will also cause the phenomenon of printing scattered dots, and the nozzle of the cij printer is aging and cannot reach the maximum printing interval, and printing scattered dots may also appear.

When manufacturers use cij printers, do not mix inks of different brands. Inks with different production dates will cause the nozzles of the printer to block and print scattered dots. When using the inkjet printer to print, the printed content may occasionally scatter. First, find out what causes the scatter, and find the reason to solve it.

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