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How to solve the spurt the code machine because of the long holiday shutdown caused by nozzle clogging problem?

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-21
How to solve the cij printer because of the long holiday shutdown caused by nozzle clogging problem? Source: this site author: admin1 date: 2019 - 2 - 14 browsing: 0

as most of the factory and at the end of the lunar New Year holiday, will find spurt the cij printer nozzle blockage. Typically run down for a long time will appear when this happens, for this kind of problem really belongs to a normal phenomenon, is not to say that the cij printer malfunction or is damaged, tong yi tags under simple for you to answer why and fast solution:

a, why would shower nozzle jam after long downtime?

the captain downtime may cause printing for refill tube road and nozzle with residual ink dries up, cause the ink for refill tube road or the nozzle position to form a partial blockage or completely blocked.

2, how to do in advance to avoid?

good habits on the specification of the downtime at ordinary times, Use the stop key) And open the machine regularly. If long time stop, the last time to turn it off, must follow the normal shutdown procedure. Linx laser marking machine in the process of normal switch machine, the machine of the ink line to conduct a comprehensive cleaning, has resulted in a no residual ink dry ink road and nozzle, thus long downtime will not cause nozzle clogging.

3, spurt the cij printer nozzle has blocked the what should I do?

the first kind of circumstance: have a chalk line, are not allowed to be straight. This kind of cases, we found that open chalk line, after a chalk line from the nozzle, but there will be a slight shake, or did not accurately into the recycling tank, that we have a partial blockage of the nozzle. First of all, according to the standard process, use the nozzle cleaning function in the cij printer, nozzle for cleaning; The second nozzle commonly can recover after a few repetitions smoothly; If finally still not work, please see the second case handling.

the second case: no chalk line, are not allowed to be straight. This kind of cases, we found that after open chalk line, no chalk line from the nozzle, the injection machine are not allowed to be straight. This means that our nozzle has been completely blocked. The steps in the use of 1 cannot be effective dredge nozzle should be removed under the condition of the nozzle, into the containers of cleaning solvents, soak for 10 minutes ( Conditional can fit into a ultrasonic equipment for cleaning) ; Whether using cylinder test nozzle has been cleared, can repeat this step, until the nozzle; Finally the nozzle back to the nozzle, adjust good chalk line, can work normally.

that is to bring you about pilot time to shut down the printing of the reasons of nozzle clogging and the corresponding solutions, hope this way can better for the user solve the problem of nozzle clogging, finally I wish you the boss starts! The business is thriving!

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