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How to use the automatic assembly line inkjet printer?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-30

Current products all need to print production date, batch, manufacturer and other information that can help identify the product on the product packaging, which can be completed by using special printing equipment. The cij printer can help manufacturers solve the problem of product identification and better guarantee the quality of inkjet products. If you want to print products, choose a fully automatic assembly line inkjet printer to complete the print operation.

What kind of printer should I use? There are large characters, small characters, high resolution, thermal transfer, and laser printers. Different types of inkjet printers have different advantages and different applicable fields. Among them, small characters and laser cij printers can be used in all industries. The laser inkjet industrial inkjet printer has a better printing effect. It is not only beautiful and clear but also not easy to fall off. It has strong anti-counterfeiting and is suitable for enterprise products. No matter what kind of cij printer you choose, as long as it meets the actual production needs. In the production process, the automatic assembly line inkjet printer should be used correctly. The operation problems of the equipment affect the printing effect, and you need to operate in accordance with the instructions.

Reliable quality equipment has no problems at the beginning of use, and its performance is stable and will not cause other failures. Therefore, the inspection of the equipment can be ignored. After a period of use, it is necessary to check whether the equipment is available before and after use. If abnormal conditions are detected in time, the equipment can be maintained in time to extend its service life. For the use of ink-type cij printers, it is necessary to ensure that the nozzle part is unblocked, and there is no blockage and the ink cannot be ejected. The ink circuit system of the equipment must be cleaned. If the equipment comes with a cleaning service, then it can be fully automated. The ink circuit of the printer has been cleaned, making it easier to maintain.

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