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How to use the clothing enterprises printer to customize T-shirt? - - - - - -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-16
In the 20th century is the era of advertising, every enterprise to build its own corporate culture. The vitality of the enterprise culture shirt as a company, can help organizations to enhance general team of cohesion and overall image. Choose a T-shirt as enterprise custom t-shirts, basically everyone can easily control the size of the. Is comfortable and attractive, so why not? So how to use digital T-shirt laser printing machine to custom t-shirts? 1 plan to communicate the customer need group, custom clothing customization design and bottom unlined upper garment of a T-shirt design confirmation, and then according to the requirement of the customer out effect. 2, sample production according to customer needs, pull out a sample. No plate making, the use of press on fabric pretreatment before printing. After put the sample on the garment printer to print platform, use fixture fixed. Start the textile printing, print opportunity digital jet printing on the clothes. Used after printing press drying ink again. 3, confirm production samples sent to customer, after customer confirmed effects began to produce large quantities of clothing enterprises. The latest version of double nozzle & amp; Double location of digital printing T-shirt printer, walk in the forefront of the industry! Using epson original XP2000 nozzle, Bai Cai with out, greatly improve the printing speed and clarity. Hand in hand with the Chinese Academy of Sciences to develop independent boards, to break the current industry of digital print dress and the speed of only 1 minutes and 40 seconds to print white T-shirt two hd! This level is far above industry, not to mention to print out the effect of basic consistent with the pictures! This is 18 years, from the start of this industry, popularization and development of new printer experience, is the crystallization of wisdom. Developed a high level of uv printer, universal printer, laser printing machine. Want to venture? Choice! ! ! Now call our sales hotline: 400 - 8316492; 13265335569
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