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How to use the egg printer safely?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-31

For production equipment such as cij printers, different industries are more in need. With the cij industrial inkjet printer, it is very convenient to print the required text, numbers, patterns and other content on the product. You can also customize the settings according to different printing needs to obtain a satisfactory user experience. Egg printers print marks on eggs. How to operate with such printers?

There are different types of equipment that can print marks on eggs. If it is an ink jet printer, you need to choose high-quality ink to fill the ink path to ensure that the ink path is smooth and the nozzles are not blocked. , This needs to check whether the equipment is abnormal before operating the equipment, and make sure that the equipment has no abnormalities, and then you can start printing settings on the equipment touch screen, such as setting the number of printing lines, printing font size, font color, pattern, etc., There are diagrams and texts displayed on the touch screen of the device, and there are operating instructions. You can follow the instructions to complete the settings. The egg printer is computer-controlled, which does not actually directly contact the object being printed, so it is very important to set the printing data information. If there is no problem with the set information, you can start the device to start printing.

Laser coding is actually the same operation as ink coding, except that there is no need to add ink or other solvents, and the operating procedure is simpler. Laser coding is to burn the surface of the printed object with a laser at high temperature to produce the required numbers, text and other information. The various types of inkjet printers in use are all computerized intelligent operations, which can automatically print without more manpower. To carry out safe production, it is necessary to do a good job of inspection before and after production, and it depends on whether there is any abnormality in the egg industrial inkjet printer, and it is very important to do a good job of maintenance.

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