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How to use the handheld printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-04-17
As the handheld inkjet printer is compact and convenient for people to use and carry, it is more and more popular and loved by people. Then, how to use the handheld inkjet printer, let us take a look together.   1. Since the handheld cij printer is very small, please handle it gently. Do not pull out the nozzle line when the inkjet printer is powered to prevent the nozzle from being burned.  2. After turning on the next day in the side spray mode, if a white line appears in the middle of the spray, then squeeze the ink bag; repeat the following work until the printing effect is OK, and then start the work.  3. After turning on the next day after using the downward printing method, please note that before loosening the handle screw, any action to change the direction of the nozzle forcefully is prohibited; it will cause the nozzle to be tightly tightened and affect the printing quality.   4. The inkjet printer needs to add some lubricating oil after working for a month to ensure that the inkjet printer can work well.
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