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How to use the ink of the printer correctly?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-04-23
In the machine industry, it is very important for the use of the machine. Just like our cij printers, if you want to have a better use effect, you need to do some details, especially for the ink. In terms of these, these must be used correctly. Next, I will share some details with you about: some specific methods for the correct use of cij printer inks.   The first point: You need to stay away from the fire source, do not smoke or use an open flame near the printer. The inks and solvents used by the printer are classified as flammable substances. This requires us to wear protective equipment, such as protective glasses, masks, gloves, etc. If solvents and inks accidentally spill into our eyes, we should take appropriate measures immediately.   Second point: According to the principle of the printer, the body of the printer should be firmly grounded. This can be measured and recognized with an electric pen or a universal meter after finding the corresponding electrical equipment of each part. During a long-term shutdown or when it is usually protected and cleaned, you need to pay attention to switch the printer in the printing state to the paused printing state or stop it, and then use a blowing balloon to dry it quietly and then recover to the printing state to avoid showing Something wrong. Be careful not to blow the ink line.   The third point: be able to move the printer safely. When we need to transfer the cij printer, perhaps when adjusting the printing position, we must first maintain the level of the body and protect the nozzle to avoid ink leakage and damage to the nozzle. When stopping the printer, first press the stop button to stop it, and then check whether the nozzle is clean. If the nozzle is not clean, it can be cleaned with a solvent and then turned off. This can effectively ensure the stability of our next power-on and turn-off.   Some specific details about the correct use of cij printer ink should be paid attention to to avoid some problems. This requires us to summarize some rules when performing corresponding operations to avoid some problems.
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