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How to use the laser marking machine to make the forehead thermometer have anti-counterfeiting marks

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-04-14

Using a laser marking machine to engrave anti-counterfeiting marks on the forehead thermometer

Affected by the new coronavirus epidemic this year, the medical-related industries have heavy production tasks, especially 'masks have become a new year's goodsGuns have risen from tens of yuan to 400 to 500 yuan, mask machines have risen from 100,000 to 4,500,000 or even more than 1 million, as well as related upstream suppliers. Materials are scarce and supply is tight. Laser marking machines are one of them. The production tasks of downstream suppliers have naturally increased.

It is not difficult to see that the demand for medical-related industries has increased greatly, and orders have surged. Wait, so how can I buy a genuine forehead thermometer or other medicines and medical supplies? Laser marking machine can help you solve it.

First of all, the pharmaceutical and medical industries attach great importance to safety and hygiene, so the requirements for product labeling are very high, and information such as production date and instructions for use must be It is permanent, so we will prefer laser marking machine as the processing mark, rather than traditional methods such as cij printer and silk screen printing. Among the types of laser marking machines, the first recommendation is the ultraviolet laser marking machine, such as the forehead temperature gun, which usually prints LOGO on the plastic shell. The yellowing can reflect the high-end of the brand, and the price of the UV laser marking machine is higher than that of the fiber laser marking machine, so it can reduce the chance of being counterfeited and play an anti-counterfeiting role.

Secondly, the laser marking machine can draw graphics, LOGO at will, and forehead gun manufacturers can draw their own unique graphics files. As long as the graphics files do not flow out, there will always be differences in the details of imitation, so Anti-counterfeiting effect can be achieved.

After Z, the laser marking machine can also laser mark the two-dimensional code and code on the forehead thermometer, then each forehead thermometer has a code, which can be used by buyers for anti-counterfeiting inquiry,

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