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How to use the small character inkjet printer?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-31

The marking of numbers, characters, symbols, etc., printed on the surface of the product is done by special coding equipment. The current cij printers are produced with high-tech and high-quality materials, and are more intelligent. Connect the equipment with a computer, and operate the computer to control the equipment to print the logo. The Xitoris small character inkjet printer can also be operated by a computer to print the required logo on the object.

How to operate the equipment? The operation of the Xidoli cij printer is actually very simple. Although this is an inkjet device imported from abroad, the language can be switched on the device. According to the different language of users in different regions and the need for inkjet voice, multiple languages u200bu200bcan be switched , There will be no barriers to use. Each inkjet industrial inkjet printer has a special equipment instruction manual. Operating the equipment according to the manual will not cause damage to the cij industrial inkjet printer. Xitoris small character inkjet printer is imported equipment, more advanced and powerful, especially easy to operate, to meet the printing needs of different users, no matter what industry field, small character equipment can be used for printing.

Generally, you can basically grasp the operation method of the equipment by reading the manual in the operation equipment mountain. As for the use of the equipment, there are also reminders, which are more important for users to know. For example, to protect and clean the nozzle of the inkjet industrial inkjet printer, the nozzle is one of the most important parts of the inkjet printer, which affects the printing effect. Before and after using the inkjet printer, Foshan should inspect the nozzle part of the cij printer, remember to handle it gently, and do not use too much force to damage the nozzle parts. Special cleaning agent must be used to clean the nozzle of the printer to avoid damage to the nozzle. If the nozzle part of the small character inkjet printer is well maintained, the service life can be extended.

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