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How to use UV inkjet printer in the pharmaceutical industry? -

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-09-03
How to use UV cij printer in the pharmaceutical industry? It is well known that people’s health is closely related to the quality of life and the quality of pharmaceutical products. In order to avoid counterfeit and inferior products and overdue medical drugs from harming people’s health, the relevant state departments clearly stipulate that all medical drugs and health products must be marked with the production date, Valid information such as production batch number, expiry date, manufacturer, etc.

How to indicate this information content on the medicine box? The most common method is the inkjet printing method, that is, the cij printer is used to print various information content that needs to be marked on the medicine box. Coding technology is widely used in the medical industry. The packaging in the medical industry is also diversified. There are cartons, aluminum foil packaging, glass bottles, capsules, films, etc., no matter what the material is, a set of effective labeling solutions are needed. Solutions to achieve product anti-counterfeiting, market management, and flow tracking solutions.

In our daily life, the development and growth of the medical industry plays a vital role. The medical industry is a special industry. It not only requires strict product production and processing, but also strict packaging requirements. For example, the variable production date is indispensable. On the other hand, it is the traceability of the drug supervision code and the anti-counterfeiting variable two-dimensional code. The realization of such an effect is nothing more than the use of the manufacturer’s branded medical inkjet printer. Considering that there have been problems with products on the market in recent years, the extensive focus on UV inkjet printer technology has strengthened the development and growth of market products, and the control of fake products should not be neglected. At the same time, the medical industry is now fully promoting GMP certification, and it is strict in the use of various pharmaceutical equipment. The standard not only has a very high standard for the printing ability of the inkjet printer, but also has a high requirement for the IP protection level. In addition, there is a need to achieve high-speed mass production and printing capabilities of various irregular packaging shapes, and high-definition, high-adhesion printing for medical devices.
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