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Imported laser marking opportunities bring high radiation?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-04-06

Laser marking opportunities bring high radiation?

There is radiation, but definitely not high radiation. Many things emit radiation, even ourselves - the human body emits tiny amounts of radiation every day, which is normal. And there are many types of radiation: nuclear radiation, solar radiation, electromagnetic radiation, computers. Radiation, etc. are often mentioned by everyone, and they all have the possibility of causing harm to the human body.

Here can be divided into several data for everyone to understand:

(1) The human body can Maximum radiation value: The academic community currently believes that the radiation dose reaches 1000 millisieverts, which will cause obvious damage to the human body.

(2) Mobile phone radiation is measured by the SAR value. SAR represents the allowable amount of radiation absorbed per unit kilogram of organisms (including the human body). This SAR value represents the impact of radiation on the human body and is the most direct test value. , Take the sensitive part of the human body - the brain as an example, the SAR standard value must be lower than 1.67 watts.

(3) Relevant data show that the highest SAR value of CDMA mobile phones currently on the market is 1.55W/KG, while the highest SAR value of GSM mobile phones is 1.49W/KG. KG, a CDMA mobile phone with the lowest SAR value is 1.07W/KG, while a GSM mobile phone with the lowest SAR value is 0.22W/KG.

(4) Taking a 20W fiber laser marking machine as an example, its radiation amount in the running state is 0.00029W/cm^2, while the microwave radiation standard formulated in 1998 is 0.00045W /cm^2, it can be said that the amount of radiation generated during the use of laser marking machines is much smaller than that of mobile phones and household microwave ovens.

The smart devices we usually come into contact with, such as mobile phones, computers, TVs, etc., all have their own radiation. In the process of marking with a laser marking machine, it is true that a small amount of radiation is generated, but this amount of radiation is even lower than the radiation you receive when you are outdoors in the sun.

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