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In 2019, the Mid-Autumn festival to send what gift? - - - - - -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-29
Every home good times festive, Mid-Autumn festival is coming, are you ready? As a formal state of China, this time is a good gift giving season, for love, for children, for their elders, to the noble and so on. But the Mid-Autumn festival to send what gift? Small make up today to give you a good answer on what to send good Mid-Autumn festival 2019. In short, no matter what should have & other; New & throughout; And let them know that you are spent the mind. No matter what, it is need to all kinds of packaging. Whether in paper bags, paper boxes, wooden box, metal boxes, plastic boxes, and so on, what style is not the key, the key is how to make gift that person know your new idea. Using UV printer, hurriedly to packaging and processing. Gift giving is not monotonous, only need the UV laser printing machine, self-use & amp; Processing and printing are made! ! ! Print design beautifully, strong color fastness, also full of thoughts, is fully staffed. Small make up recommend two leisurely nice suit, each friend can consult: recommend a: moon cake new suit first is necessary for a year, but if only to send the moon cake is a little too banal. Here small make up recommend tea and cakes can be combined into a suit to send people, delicate already so, also can reflect a gift. This suit is not put together, by the way is finished. Choose the gift recipient likes tea, with exquisite packaging, with moon cakes packaging exquisite box, gift is not embarrassed, give you a custom life. Recommendation 2: set the bottle set selection using restaurant customize various suitable wine bottle printers, print the recipient's nickname, logos, pictures, or want to customize the content of the other. So drink wine can also is a good souvenir? Whether to send the other half, leadership, to send their elders, send relatives, is commendable good choice. Custom life, make your life more delicate. Back to this, a month is to choose ~ ~
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