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In addition to the Dragon Boat Festival dumplings can send? Post - UV customized products

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-12
Numerous domestic and foreign various holiday season, but there are a few classic festival is a Chinese must be spent with family or friends. Such as Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn festival and so on. The life needs a little more sense of ritual. The Dragon Boat Festival is coming soon, every year is giving the same dumplings really is too boring. What's the Dragon Boat Festival and creative gifts say can chat? The UV printer can customize all kinds of creative gift fast to get to know the Dragon Boat Festival. 1. Du kang small wine is the Dragon Boat Festival, from early has specific meaning of festival custom has evolved to holiday entertainment activities. As the saying goes, no wine no seats, there is the company of wine, can be called a banquet. Since ancient times there is Dragon Boat Festival drink realgar wine to desire to ward off evil spirits, do not let yourself get sick. UV laser printing machine can specially customized bottles, wine box, etc. Restaurant business never need to broaden the mind, not stuck in the past. In the Dragon Boat Festival gift relatives and friends, small business partner a delicate du kang wine is better. I have the wine, do you have a story? Bottle printers give you new way to make life a little more sense of ritual. 2. Peace buckle whether outside struggle or work at home, the most important is peace forever. Send peace will never wrong! To relatives and friends and business partners on the peace of a nice buckle, cheap just several hundred yuan, expensive or even thousands, tens of thousands. But his heart is priceless. The UV laser printing machine can customize various kinds of exquisite peace buckle. Fine print design, colour is gorgeous, color fastness is very good! Bottle custom to wine box custom to custom box ~ peace buckle custom ~ jade custom gifts customized ~ UV product customization business whether you want or the transformation and upgrading of the existing technology, will be your good choice. 13265335569 need to connect quickly
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