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In detail, how many advantages does the laser printer have?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-03
How many advantages does the laser printer have? 1. Good anti-counterfeiting The laser marking machine is a permanent marking, which is not easy to be rubbed off and altered. The marking font is clear, and the font can be designed according to the requirements of a proprietary font that is difficult to imitate. For example, the combination of laser marking system (identification anti-counterfeiting code) and telephone voice inquiry, its anti-counterfeiting is even higher. 2. The traceability of permanent marking is strong. Because traditional markings are easy to be erased, with the increasing requirements of product traceability in various industries, permanent marking is required. Laser marking has a wide range of applications for products in almost all walks of life. . 3. Less environmental pollution. The ink used by the cij printer is harmful to the human body. Ink and solvent are highly volatile substances, which will produce more chemical toxic residues, which will pollute the environment and harm the health of workers. Contrary to laser printers, laser printers do not require any consumables, which will neither pollute the environment nor harm the health of workers. Therefore, all laser printers are used. 4. Low cost Laser cij printers do not need consumables during the normal working process, which can save a lot of cost for enterprises, while ink cij printers need a lot of consumables when they work, and the cost will be very high. Compared with laser printers and ink printers, laser printers are more cost-effective. 5. The equipment failure rate is low. The laser printing machine marking system is a maintenance-free fiber laser. The laser is maintenance-free for 100,000 hours and has a long service life.
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