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In the 360 degrees without dead Angle dust environment also can work stable spurt the code machine in Germany

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-22
In 360 degrees without dead Angle dust environment also can work stable source of German spurt the cij printer: this website the author: admin date: 2019 - 10 - 16 browsing: 0 fine German machinery universally acknowledged EBS Germany inkjet group focused in the logo printing industry more than 40 years of spurt the cij printer quality stand the test of different market and the production environment with EBS EBS - a new generation of small machine The protective performance of 6600 as an example. EBS - 6600 IP55 protection grade, a level of protection, is not the best but EBS - 6600 in dusty environment performance, to make the question, the level of the machine, there really is such a powerful protective performance? EBS - 6600 do far more than expected!

as early as several years ago, EBS - 6600 the last generation of small character EBS to cij printer 6500, in the domestic famous chemical plants with superior protection performance. Heavily armed personnel go in a minute the whole body white, no no dead Angle of 360 degrees are dust, turned off many brand laser marking machine factory environment, EBS - In which 6500 can conscientiously and reliable service for many years.

dust environment stable working of EBS jet. the

dust environment stable jobs EBS jet. the

as either core design or the use of material comprehensive upgrade EBS EBS - a new generation of small machine 6600, in the protective performance is more outstanding.

EBS to spurt the cij printer really industrial level standard design and production, strict EBS - 6600 in various production environment, including dust and moisture environment, is the ability to work stability, can be at ease in use, and can bring surprise from time to time of a new generation of industrial marking equipment!

the article reprinted in: the article reprinted in EBS logo, company for the German EBS label laser marking machine, guangdong province, the total generation, more EBS jet. the information can contact us directly. Service hotline: 400 608 - 6693/13570392881.

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