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Incomplete marking of laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-11

The laser marking machine uses laser technology for processing and production, which uses a laser to emit laser light. The beam quality is good, the spot is small, and the processing is fine, which can meet the requirements of ultra-fine processing. Fiber laser marking machine has a wide range of applications and can process and produce metal and non-metal materials.

The laser marking machine uses laser technology to process, which is non-contact processing, without pressure, and will not change the nature of the material. However, incomplete marking may also occur during processing. In the following situations, the marking of the optical fiber marking machine will be incomplete.

1. The marking power of the laser marking machine is not enough. When using a laser marking machine for processing, you must pay attention to its marking strength, not too large or too small. If the strength is small, it will not be able to complete the marking of the pattern trademark and achieve the desired effect.

2. The focus position is inaccurately determined. The determination of the focus position is an effective auxiliary means for the fiber laser marking machine to perform good processing on the workpiece. The focus position is determined accurately, which is related to the quality of the marking effect of the laser marking machine.

3. Cleaning the lens system. The presence of residues on the lens system will affect the concentration of the laser on the workpiece, resulting in incomplete processing.

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