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Industrial application and daily maintenance of computer inkjet printers

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-13

The computer inkjet printer is a kind of products that can be printed on the surface of various materials and different types of objects such as products that need to be marked, plastic packaging, paper outer packaging products, etc.

Date, batch number, model specifications, trademarks and anti-counterfeiting marks, graphics and other equipment are also a type of small character inkjet printer. Some cij printers also use Chinese Pinyin input

to facilitate editing and modification of printed content. Adopting a built-in pump closed circuit ink drive system to prevent the harsh external environment from polluting the ink. The filters in the entire ink circuit circulation system have very high precision to ensure the cleanliness of the ink. It fundamentally solves the nozzle clogging problem that is common in the coding industry.

The main application industries of computer cij printers are: food industry, cable industry, pharmaceutical industry

industry, cosmetics Industry, lighting and electrical appliances industry, auto parts industry, plastic pipe industry

industry, health care products industry, paper/carton industry, card ticket industry, wood industry, electronic appliances


Industry, tobacco industry, etc.

If we want to extend the working life of the printer, then we must pay attention to maintenance when using it

maintainance. First of all, there must be a clean working environment. The internal structure of the printer

There are precise print heads in the printer, so it is necessary to avoid mechanical collisions during placement and daily use

Vibrate. The machine should be placed steadily. .Because the nozzle aperture size of the nozzle is equivalent to the dust floating in the space, if the working environment is too bad, the nozzle will be blocked. So

Keep the environment clean. The working environment temperature of the cij printer should not be too high, so as to prevent the mechanical parts and nozzles of the inkjet printer from being corroded.

In addition, pay attention to maintenance, mainly to ensure that the printer nozzle and internal cleaning problems, so the whole machine is cleaned regularly It is a daily compulsory course for users. Due to the infestation of dust and coding debris in the air

, it is easy to damage the precise main coding parts of the printer and cause the printer to malfunction. Therefore, in addition to providing a good working environment, you must also develop a good habit of cleaning the printer regularly. When cleaning, it is generally to wipe the ink collection around the nozzle of the printer with solvent, the nozzle protection cover and the ink collection inside the sponge gasket, do not wipe the nozzle. The manual air pump should be lubricated frequently to maintain a good sliding state. Remove the deposited dust from the outside of the machine. Then use a soft brush

to clean the inside of the printer with a smooth dry cloth or an alcohol cotton ball, and wipe off all the dust inside the printer... Note: The machine must be cleaned before cleaning. The main power supply is turned off. Secondly, pay attention to

Replace or clean the filter and ink system regularly.

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