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industrial inkjet printer easy-operated from best fatcory

industrial inkjet printer easy-operated from best fatcory

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AC100-24V 50/60Hz 60VA
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CIJ Printer LT2000

The new technology,innovative printhead,simpler operations,higher uptime,higher production efficiency to satisfy the need of various environment.



Product Feature 

Hardware upgrade, operating system upgrade.

Storage printing information expansion from the original 68 to1000+.

Ethernet, USB, RS485 communication interface, powerful human-computer interactio.

The first injection of ink does not need to be manually inserted, insert ink ink automatically.

Support variable data, two-dimensional code printing.

 Cover plate using PCB material, no deformation, not easy to ink, easy to clean.

 Integrated precision injection molding, good sealing, high precision.

 A mesh sleeve to solve the problem of ink remaining at the bottom of the nozzle cover.

 Protection/Electric wall design, safe and reliable.

 Thimble high voltage switch to make the contact more secure and reliable.

 Heating blocks are distributed on the back of the PCB plate, and ink is not easy to accumulate.

 PICO valve modular wiring part switched to pin, simple and convenient maintenance.

Product Parameters

Founded in 2011, LEAD TECH GROUP is committed to research,manufacture and sales of small character inkjet printer and laser printer.

Printing Performance

1-4 lines(7X5matrix)

Font matrix


Character Height

1-15mm,depending on the font

Printing Distance

2mm to 30 mm
Best : 10mm

User Intrface Available

Chinese/English/Portuguese/Spain/Arab Support for multiple languages

Inkjet character 

English, Arabic numbers, bar code, serial number, automatic date, use-defined characters, special logo


60 microns

Umbilical length 

Super soft, length 3m

Memory space 

1000 messages

Information interface

Ethernet , USB,RS485

Temperature/Humidity range

0-95% relative humidity,non-condensing


AC100-24V 50/60Hz 60VA









It can be applied to various industries, such as food,drugs, beverage, daily chemical,

auto parts, pipe, building materials, household paper, chemical, tobacco and other industries.

Comparison of pros and cons

Founded in 2011, LEAD TECH GROUP is committed to research,manufacture and sales of small character inkjet printer and laser printer.

1.The Innovation of nozzle design:

Gem nozzle with injection molding process makes nozzle stronger and more resistant to falling.

Other inkjet printers:

99.9% of the printers use traditional nozzles for general stability. But they can not be anti-drop and the nozzle is very delicate and can not touch, let alone fall to the ground (Common problem is caused by the displacement of the spray chamber, the ink line will be biased, etc.).

2.Automatic nozzle heating:

It can ensure that the temperature in winter and summer is constant due to the printing effect easily subject to the temperature

Other inkjet printers:

70% of the printers do not have this function. If this function is not available, the printing effect will be affected when the temperature changes.

3.Leading ink dot phase detection:

In order to ensure good charging, the printer is equipped with a circuit named phase for detecting charging. If the charging is not good, the charging dot detection error will be showed on the display.

Other inkjet printers:

95% of other enterprises are still using traditional cylindrical dot phase detection

4.Modular machine design:

At the forefront of equipment manufacturing, the whole machine consists of 4 modules (fast maintenance, no longer time-consuming maintenance, it can be completed in a few minutes).

Other inkjet printers:

98% of the printers are used in densely packed belts. Pipes, parts, and professional engineering can not sometimes be modified. Only the equipment can be brought back to the factory for investigation.

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