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Industrial laser marking machine can convert images into print lines

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-06-17
Virtually no industrial laser marking and laser marking machine such fine classification, see on the market of laser marking machine, can be called industrial laser marking machine. Optical fiber laser marking machine, and CO2 laser marking machine, or ultraviolet laser marking machine, industrial laser marking machine. Industrial laser marking machine can convert images into print lines, and through the laser print on items. In general, many enterprises are using CorelDRW software diagram, the output PLT format file, then open the laser marking software import completes the PLT file again. Choose to mist or line to fill in marking software. If use industrial laser marking machine, photo will output the BMP format. Industrial laser marking machine, is very cheap now, ten one of the past, now just need to be common, and quality is tens of reliable than before. Welcome to the advisory selection.
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