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by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-22

The curing lamp is an indispensable part of the cij printer, so it is worth noting and regular maintenance in normal use. The engineer has sorted out some use steps and maintenance methods for everyone for your reference.

First, the use of curing lamp

1. Adjust the curing lamp and the printing content on the conveyor belt to be in a straight line Aligned on top.

2. Adjust the height of the curing lamp to 10-30 (mm) from the surface of the printed article.

3. Add pure water or distilled water to the curing lamp water tank to reach the green area of u200bu200bthe water level.

4. Turn on the switch and adjust the power of the curing lamp by rotating it as required.

5. Connect the curing light control line to the inkjet printer chassis, you can set the control curing light switch mode according to the needs, including: constant light and delayed curing light mode.

Two. Check the working conditions of the curing lamp

1. Whether the connection of the power socket is reliable and whether the grounding is good; 2. Whether the control line and the connection line of the irradiation head are loose;

3. Whether there is a heavy object on the driver;

4. Whether each air inlet and outlet of the irradiation head and the water cooler are clean and whether the ventilation is smooth; 5. Whether the lens of the irradiation head is clean; 6. The connection line of the irradiation head Whether the fixation is loose. 3. Daily maintenance of curing lamp

1. The water in the equipment is used for a long time and some scale is generated. When these small particles and scale reach a certain level, they will block the water channel and seriously affect the flow rate of water. Thereby affecting the heat dissipation effect. Therefore, the water needs to be changed every 1 month.

2. In order to ensure that each air inlet and outlet of the irradiation head and the water cooler are clean and ventilated smoothly, clean each air outlet 1-5 times a month. When the power is off, use a soft dry cloth Wipe the enclosure and around the air inlet and outlet.

3. In order to ensure the light intensity and uniformity, wipe the lens of the irradiation head at least 1-5 times a month. When the lamp is turned off, make sure that the lamp holder is cooled, and then use a soft dry cloth Wipe clean.

Finally, if you want to know more about curing lamps, you can consult an engineer!

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