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Ink line adjustment diagram of inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-06-08

In the maintenance of cij printers, both old technicians and new technicians need to learn a necessary skill, that is how to adjust the ink line of the inkjet printer, and how to adjust the ink line of the cij printer? What is the method? How to adjust better and faster? Today, I will share some technical knowledge with you to facilitate the rapid maintenance and repair of the manufacturer.

What is the ink line of the inkjet printer?

Simply put, the ink line of the inkjet printer is a line formed by ink. The inkjet printer is divided into two parts: the circuit and the ink circuit. Its working principle is that the circuit part controls the operation of the ink circuit part, and the ink passes through the ink tank-pressure pump-filter-solenoid valve, and finally enters the nozzle, and is emitted from the nozzle with a certain pressure to form ink lines. The ink droplets charged with the charge will deflect out at a certain angle to form characters, and the ink droplets that are not deflected enter the recovery tank, and then pass through the solenoid valve and pipeline, and finally return to the ink tank to complete the cycle.

Why do the ink lines of the inkjet printer need to be adjusted?

The ink line position of the printer is adjusted when it leaves the factory, and it is not necessary to care too much about whether the ink line position is normal. When adjustment is required, it is often because the machine has not been used for a long time, or the machine is powered off and shut down under abnormal conditions, and the nozzles have not been cleaned automatically and manually, resulting in blockage of the nozzles. When the machine is turned on again, the ink line will not come out, or the ink will be offset, and the ink will leak.

As a manufacturer of inkjet printers, the first suggestion to customers is to clean the nozzles, which can be repeatedly set for a number of times, manually clean the nozzles, and then start up (quick jetting) to test, Check whether the ink line position is normal, and stop cleaning until the ink line is in the same position when the machine is switched on and off repeatedly. If the ink line is normal, it can be used normally; The artificial ink line adjustment has been made.

What kind of ink line position is normal?

As shown in the picture above, the ink line is ejected from the nozzle, First, it will enter the charging slot, and the charging slot will generally emit red light. The purpose is to facilitate the user to observe the position of the ink line and the splitting of the breakpoint, so as to facilitate adjustment. The position of the ink line in the charging slot: the best center. The position of the ink line in the recovery tank: the lower two-thirds of the middle is the best.

How to adjust? The ink line adjustment diagram of the inkjet printer is as follows

The EC-JET inkjet printer in the above models is example for reference. The positions of the nozzle fixing screws of the cij printers of different brands and manufacturers may be different, but the basic principles are all figured out.

Step 1. Power on the printer, enter the main interface, and use the shortcut key F4+ D. Enter the quick operation interface, there are commonly used functions, such as quick injection, cleaning nozzles, setting pressure, etc. We choose quick injection, press Enter, at this time the inside of the machine starts to pressurize, we can observe the signal lights of the inkjet printer by observing Color, understand its operation, and wait for the ink line to be ejected. Only after the ink line is ejected can we determine how far the ink line deviates from the recovery tank, and then adjust its position appropriately.

Step 2. The following figure is the structure diagram of the nozzle of the inkjet printer. You can quickly find the two screws that fix the nozzle, as well as the location information of the charging slot, deflector plate, and recovery slot. When adjusting the ink line, we need to observe the direction of its offset. Generally, we need to adjust the left and right positions of the ink line, and do not need to adjust the upper and lower positions of the ink line.

Tools required: a small Phillips screwdriver and a flat-blade screwdriver.

The method is: use a Phillips screwdriver to loosen one of the nozzle fixing screws, and then use a flat-blade screwdriver to pry it left and right to make the ink line offset and enter the recovery slot After that, stop the adjustment action and fasten the nozzle screw.

Through the above steps, we have realized the rapid adjustment of the ink line of the inkjet printer. Make sure that the ink line position does not move twice. In this way, the entire adjustment steps and methods are over. I wish you more and more proficient in the use of the inkjet printer. Usually pay attention to some inkjet printer head conditions, and try to avoid the ink line position deviation. , reduce the workload of repair and maintenance.

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