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Inkjet Equipment Co., Ltd. has high delivery efficiency

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-07-31
Inkjet Equipment Co., Ltd. adheres to the business philosophy of 'Customer First, Climb the PeakMachine consumables and printer accessories, as well as fast after-sales service. So the editor tells everyone how long does it take for our company to ship? First of all, the company will first confirm the quantity of the products you have purchased and your payment method for shipment. Because some customers pay first and then ship the goods. If the product you purchased is paid by cash and monthly payment, it will be shipped before 5:30 on the same day. If the product you purchased is paid first and then shipped, we will pay after you pay Arrange delivery on the same day. There is also a special situation, that is, the customer will specify the delivery time when placing an order. For example, if the customer places an order on November 21, it is okay for you to deliver it before November 25, and we will ship it one or two days in advance. To the customer, so as not to delay the normal production of the customer. Inkjet Equipment Co., Ltd. has high delivery efficiency. If you want to purchase cij printers or cij printer consumables and accessories, please inquire and purchase! Consultation hotline: 020-87227827.
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