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Inkjet printer applied to pesticide label

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-24
1. Pesticide traceability electronic information code labeling form Pesticide product traceability management is not a new thing. At first, some foreign companies used digital codes and barcodes (one-dimensional codes) to manage products in order to prevent cross-stocking in the market. In order to strengthen the safety management of paraquat products, a company once carried out traceability management of new formulations of paraquat, using a QR code. This is an earlier production case of using QR codes for pesticide traceability management in China. Compared with digital codes and bar codes, two-dimensional codes have obvious advantages such as large information capacity, wide coding range, strong fault tolerance, high decoding reliability and encryption. Article 24 of the 'Administrative Measures for Pesticide Labels and Instructions' 'The traceable electronic information code shall be marked in the form of two-dimensional code... The format and generation requirements of the traceable electronic information code shall be separately formulated by the Ministry of Agriculture.' Then the Ministry of Agriculture formulated Supporting 'Regulations on the Management of Pesticide Label QR Codes.' Digital codes and barcodes cannot be used due to the lack of supporting documents and standards such as industry management format and generation requirements. The two-dimensional code is currently the only marking form of the pesticide traceable electronic information code. 2. Code position and label form Article 22 of the 'Pesticide Management Regulations' 'Pesticide labels shall be marked in Chinese with the name, formulation, ... traceable electronic information code, etc. of the pesticide in accordance with the provisions of the competent agricultural department of the State CouncilIt can be seen that the pesticide traceable electronic information code (two-dimensional code) belongs to the content of the pesticide label, and its labeling should comply with the requirements of the pesticide 'Pesticide Labels and Instructions Management Measures'. Article 3 of the 'Administrative Measures for Pesticide Labels and Instructions' 'The labels and instructions referred to in these Measures refer to all the descriptions on or attached to the pesticide packaging that use words, graphics, and symbols to explain the content of the pesticideThe outer surface of the pesticide package can be marked with the content of the pesticide label as required, and of course it also includes a traceable electronic information code (two-dimensional code). It can be understood that in addition to the traditional label, the two-dimensional code marking position can also be marked on other positions of the package, such as the cap, body, or bottom of a bottled product. Common pesticide packaging mainly includes bottles and bags. Bottled labels are either directly printed on the outside of the packaging, or affixed to the packaging after printing. They are cut into individual labels, and rolls are called roll labels. Common labels are paper and shrink film. The bag label is basically printed directly on the packaging bag, and the packaging bag has two types: forming bag and roll film bag. 3. Pesticide traceability electronic information code (QR code) for coding equipment is one item and one code. The two-dimensional code on each label is different and unique. This is different from traditional printing. How to print the two-dimensional code To the label, a separate link and identification equipment are required. At present, there are many types of marking equipment on the market, and the common ones are: small character inkjet printers, laser inkjet printers, high resolution cij printers, thermal transfer inkjet printers, thermal foam cij printers, UV inkjet printers Machines, etc., different equipment has its own characteristics, providing a variety of options for different packaging forms, label forms, different materials and different coding forms of pesticide products. It is an industrial coding equipment company providing high-quality solutions, integrating Ru0026D, design, production and sales. It has become a leading manufacturer of industrial identification systems, with operations in more than 30 countries on five continents. To meet the needs of customers' industrial coding, at the same time, we are committed to easy operation and to meet the special requirements of customers, providing a full range of identification solutions.
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