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by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-29

The beer industry is inseparable from automatic cij printers. According to statistics, many beer manufacturers use old-fashioned small-character inkjet printers in order to reduce costs. How to increase sales, increase consumer viscosity, enhance brand power, and increase market share has become a marketing problem for many beer manufacturers, suppliers, and agents.

For automatic inkjet printer equipment, the cij printer needs to be more intelligent, not only to meet the high-speed flight coding needs of the production line, but also to meet the requirements of intelligent communication and variable two Dimension code printing needs, realize one thing, one code.

For stability, there are also higher requirements. Once the printer fails or has a problem, it will affect the normal operation of the entire production line, and the loss will be very large. Therefore, it is necessary to have a complete disposal plan for the normal operation of the machine (such as preparing a spare machine) and a series of safeguard measures (arrangement of a processing executive responsible for the maintenance of the inkjet printer).

With the advent of Industry 4.0 and China Industry 2025, more and more beer manufacturers are thinking of upgrading their production line equipment and replacing them with smarter and higher-speed imports. The production line must be equipped with a communication function and a machine that is also a smart device, so that it can meet the needs of the new automated production line and also meet the sales needs of beer marketing.

Automatic inkjet printers have many industry cases in the beer industry, and have a wealth of successful installation, commissioning, maintenance and use Experience, we can provide customers with a one-stop solution for automated QR code assignment, traceability, marketing, and improve the overall efficiency and comprehensive competitiveness of the product brand market. Through our automated marking profession, we can continue to provide beer production and processing enterprises with higher The value of

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