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Inkjet printer equipment manufacturers teach you how to maintain inkjet printers

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-28

The engineers of cij printer equipment manufacturers are often asked by many users, why do cij printers need maintenance? How to maintain the printer? I believe that many users will be concerned about such issues.

Then today, the project of the cij printer equipment manufacturer is here to explain the maintenance of the nozzle of the cij printer: everyone knows that the nozzle is one of the important parts of the inkjet printer. First, it is also one of the most delicate parts. The use of nozzles focuses on maintenance and maintenance. The quality of maintenance and maintenance directly determines the use effect and service life of the nozzle, and how to make your equipment bring greater profits. Extending the working life of the nozzle is one of the means to reduce costs.

Nozzle maintenance:

1. Start the negative pressure first after starting the machine, then open the front valve of the mouth, close the front valve of the mouth before shutting down, and then close Negative pressure prevents ink leakage.

2. After turning on the machine, first squeeze the ink, then clean the print head and check the state of the print head (line drawing). If line defects are found, you need to re-squeeze the ink. Use the provided dust-free Wipe the nozzle with a cloth until the drawing effect is normal, then it can be used normally.

Three. Under no circumstances should you directly touch the print head with your hands or other objects. Cause damage.

Four. The nozzle should be wiped with a soft, clean, dust-free cloth specially provided. Wipe in a single direction when wiping, and it is forbidden to wipe back and forth.

Fifth, when squeezing ink or wiping the nozzle, you need to raise the nozzle, but pay attention to turn off the curing light. And in the production process, it is necessary to prevent the residual light of the UV lamp from irradiating the nozzle.

Six. After each use, you need to re-squeeze the ink. After wiping the nozzle with a dust-free cloth, make sure that the nozzle is in good condition, and then shut down the nozzle after closing the nozzle cover.

7. If the printing process is interrupted, it is not necessary to turn off the machine, but when printing is performed next time, you need to draw a line to confirm that the nozzle is free of defects before printing. If you stop printing for more than 3 hours, you need to wipe the nozzle, and then cover the nozzle with the nozzle cover.

8. If you don’t use it for more than 3 days, you need to squeeze the ink every 3 days to wipe the print head, and after cleaning the print line, cover the print head cover. Then use opaque plastic wrap to seal and wrap the nozzle.

9. If the ink is not used for more than half a month, the ink in the ink path must be drained, and then the nozzles shall be wiped clean, the nozzle caps shall be covered, and the opaque plastic wrap shall be used. Hold the nozzle.

10. The filter of the print head assembly should be replaced every 3 months. After the replacement, the bubbles in the ink tube of the print head need to be discharged to avoid affecting negative pressure and printing Effect.

11. The shelf life of the ink after opening is 2 months. The unused ink must be poured out after the expiration date, and the ink tank must be refilled with new ink for use, and The air bubbles should be discharged again so as not to affect the negative pressure and the printing effect.

The engineer of the printer equipment manufacturer has established a maintenance file for each customer, and the maintenance team will regularly maintain the printer for the customer. This not only improves customer satisfaction experience, but also creates value for customers. According to statistics, if the printer is maintained once a year, the failure rate has dropped by 99%, and the cost of maintenance by the customer has dropped by 300%. From the perspective of economic benefits, the customer does not spend too much money to maintain the printer once a year. In fact, it saves myself a lot of maintenance costs!

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