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Inkjet printer-give the egg 'ID card'_Inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-20

Eggs have now become a necessity in people's daily food, but how to distinguish the freshness of eggs in the market has always made consumers extremely puzzled. Eggs with outer packaging in the supermarket will have the shelf life stated, but the large quantities of eggs stored in the wholesale market need to pass through the farm-wholesale market-farmer's market-consumer and other multiple transfers. When were the eggs produced? How long did they leave the eggs forever? ?? ?? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?Where is the source?...We have no way of knowing these problems.

In this case, the coded eggs are accepted by more and more people. The surface of the eggs that have been coded by the inkjet printer is smooth and clean. The eggshell cleaning process has been strictly carried out in the early stage, so that the bacteria such as Escherichia coli and salmonella that may be hidden on the surface have no place to hide. The sprayed production company, brand, farm traceability code or QR code, etc. not only make the source and production information of the eggs clear at a glance, but also play an anti-counterfeiting effect. Egg coding requires an egg coding machine.

Generally speaking, food cij printers are products applied to food packaging production lines. However, eggs are fresh and have a short shelf life. Few products are packaged. Therefore, egg printers are often required to directly print codes on egg products. Currently, egg printers on the market are divided into handheld and integral types. The integral type is also an independent working machine and does not need to be connected to other equipment.

After buying the eggs coded by the cij printer, you can find that the ink on the body and the egg case cannot be washed away with water, but it will disappear during the process of boiling the egg, which makes many consumers guess Whether the ink will penetrate into the inside of the egg along with the pores of the egg shell and the inner membrane of the egg, worrying about food safety issues. In fact, the ink used by the egg cij printer is not ordinary ink, but edible inkjet ink, which has reached the edible standard, and consumers can eat with confidence.

There are many types of inkjet characters on eggs, including company name, trademark pattern, egg production date, traceability code, two-dimensional code and other forms. There are certain requirements for the type of printed characters. It is understood that in order to meet the demand for characters in the egg coding process, the egg printer comes with an operating system platform, a font library, a barcode two-dimensional code library, etc., which can support multiple languages. In addition, the egg printer can also be connected to a personal computer for work, making the editing of barcodes more powerful.

For areas such as farms, there are more eggs produced every day, and the prices of eggs sold are relatively low. Therefore, the egg printer is required to meet the requirements of fast operation, but also can not increase the cost too high. The egg inkjet printer developed by a company in Shenzhen has independently developed a new ink cartridge nozzle system, which enables an ink cartridge to print 100,000 eggs, which greatly reduces the printing cost. In terms of speed, the equipment uses a German CNC motor with adjustable speed, and the production capacity can be 300,000 eggs per day.

It is not only the egg product that needs to be coded, but there are also size differences between the eggs. How should the egg printer adapt to the size of different egg products? It is understood that the egg printer is equipped with movable nozzles to adapt to packaging trays of different sizes. The height of the nozzle can be adjusted by itself to flexibly respond to different sizes of eggs.

In addition, the egg printer is also equipped with a straightening device, which can automatically straighten the egg tray and reduce printing skew; the equipped transmission belt relies on the tension adjustment mechanism to keep the egg tray during transportation. It runs according to a specific track; and is equipped with sensors, it will automatically stop when it detects that more than 6 egg trays have not been taken away after printing, avoiding the tragedy of egg delivery to the ground that may occur after personnel leave.

With the increasing development and improvement of egg printers, it is sometimes abused. It is understood that there have been businesses in Chengdu spraying 'earth eggs' codes on feed eggs in order to increase the price of eggs. In the face of this kind of egg abuse, relevant supervisory units need to strengthen the supervision of the egg industry to create a better atmosphere for the egg market.

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