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Inkjet printer identification and paper packaging

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-17

The filter paper for tea bags, the paper bags for bread, the cartons for fast food restaurants to hold French fries and chicken wings, the disposable paper cups for entertaining guests at home...In life, you can do it everywhere


See the figures of paper products for food packaging. Inkjet printers have been widely used to print information on paper packaging. They can not only guarantee the quality of products circulating on the market, but also maintain the consumer's right to know. However, for the materials used for disposable packaging on the market, the cij printer cannot print product information specifically, but consumers should pay attention to the material information


   From September 1, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of Listed in the 'first batch of food paper packaging and food paper containersFood paper packaging and food paper containers such as paper cups, ice cream wrappers and other food paper containers that are included in the QS access system management must be affixed with the QS logo before they can be produced, sold and used .

Inferior paper cups generally have impurities on the surface. The cups are very soft, tear them lightly, and emit a pungent ink smell. “Don’t think that paper cups are disposable products,

and ignore safety issues. Paper packaging containers without the QS logo are best not to be bought. Products with poor quality will affect the human body. Cause serious injury.'

Purchase disposable paper cups 'three steps'

  Food hygiene experts said that from the perspective of saving resources and protecting the environment, disposable paper cups should be used as little as possible. If you really want to use it, the public may wish to 'three steps' when shopping in the supermarket.

  The first step: Check the package

   First, check whether the production license number and QS are marked on the paper cup product package Identification; secondly, carefully check whether the packaging label is marked with 'product

name, manufacturer's name, factory address, product implementation standards, production date, shelf life, sanitation license ”And other national regulations that must be marked. If the label is incomplete or irregular, it is best not to buy it.

  The second step: look at the color

  Some disposable paper cups are abnormally white, which may be caused by the brightener Yes, this is because some low-quality paper cups are made of recycled paper. In order to make the paper white, some companies will add brighteners, and the brighteners are correct. Harmful to human health. Therefore, do not buy disposable paper cups that are too white in color. In addition, if the cup is facing the light

there is impurities, it is best not to buy it.

  The third step: Smell the smell

   If the paper cup smells pungent, it may be harmful to the human body. The public should not buy healthy carbonyl compounds. There are also some disposable paper cups wrapped in

The cup wall is decorated with beautiful patterns, which are probably printed with ink. If the paper cup smells of ink, it is best not to buy it

, because the ink contains heavy metals that are harmful to the body.

  Experts also remind citizens that when using disposable paper cups, it’s best to scald the cup with boiling water first. After 4-5 minutes, pour the water out and put it in the paper cup. Hazardous substances

are fully volatilized.

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