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Inkjet printer ink anti-counterfeiting extends a variety of new anti-counterfeiting technologies

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-11

1. The packaging material itself uses special or special packaging paper

such as layering Dyeing anti-counterfeiting cardboard. This new type of packaging anti-counterfeiting material is used for layering and dyeing the inner pulp layer during the cardboard manufacturing process. It extends the anti-counterfeiting identification function to the internal structure of the cardboard, and any external printing technology cannot counterfeit, so as to achieve the purpose of anti-counterfeiting.

2. Localized hot stamping holographic image technology or special identification technology embossing technology integrated with packaging materials on the packaging box;

The security embossing technology of hidden text or graphics. Holographic laser hot stamping technology is one of the safer and novel anti-counterfeiting technologies at present. It has become smoke

The packaging of grass, wine, cosmetics and medicine is widely used. It can also be combined with three-dimensional dynamic shading anti-counterfeiting design, high-precision and high-quality refraction light pattern design

3. One-to-one correspondence between package number and content number or mutual decoding anti-counterfeiting technology

Use laser coding or The random coding technology of the cij printer implements personalized and anti-smuggling processing of packaging and content with coding, and manages the authenticity of the computer database through the computer database, and both at the same time The two codes can be the same or there is a corresponding conversion relationship to prevent the reuse of packaging. You can also

Use encrypted barcode or PDF417 QR code technology with database function. The use of barcode technology also meets the requirements of automatic identification and rapid identification of logistics.

4. Anti-counterfeiting shading design and security seal on the inner surface of the packaging box

Printing technology

Using a single anti-counterfeiting line (pattern) design technology and spot color printing anti-counterfeiting patterns, such as in the packaging box of Lijunsha tablets from Xi’an Pharmaceutical Factory

The anti-counterfeiting pattern is printed on the surface.

Adopt scrambled shading security design technology, and use decoders to identify the authenticity of the packaging. Such as Shijiazhuang Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. 'dimensional

macro' azithromycin tablets packaging.

5. The overall anti-counterfeiting shading security design and security printing technology on the outer surface of the small packaging box

The so-called anti-counterfeiting shading Security design refers to the creative combination of various anti-counterfeiting design elements and close integration with the individual characteristics of the packaging user. It is completely different from the special design of commercial design. Technology. These anti-counterfeiting design elements mainly include: personalized shading, anti-sweeping

tracing/copying design, guilloche flower ball, line embossed graphics, microtext, latent image technology , Secret recording technology, masking technology, split line technology, scrambling

view text technology and so on.

The so-called security printing technology refers to the special printing technology that comprehensively utilizes various printing processes and uses anti-counterfeiting raw materials. Generally, it mainly refers to specialization

Color printing technology and the use of various security anti-counterfeiting inks that can meet the requirements of anti-counterfeiting design (such as ultraviolet fluorescent ink, infrared fluorescent ink, magnetic

ink, light-induced Color-changing ink, light variable ink, phosphorescent ink, etc.), which is the same principle as the anti-counterfeiting of cij printer ink.

Therefore, when choosing anti-counterfeiting technology, companies must consider both the current fraud situation and the future development, so as not to change the main anti-counterfeiting technology

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While designing the image, it can continuously deepen and strengthen the anti-counterfeiting technical measures and technical content. That is to say: business managers should consider anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting

packaging as an indispensable part of commodities, comprehensively and systematically.

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