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by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-28

The difference between laser cij printer and laser marking machine:

Laser cij printer belongs to another name of laser marking machine, but there are also blueprints that are better than blue. Blue's situation, after all, not all laser marking machines are called laser printers. This is very different. There are three differences:

First, the software difference: name The reason why it is called a laser printing machine instead of a laser marking machine is because it requires fast speed when coding on the fly, and professional laser coding software is required to meet the speed. The general marking software on the market is very good for static marking. , But the speed during flight is not enough, because the software was developed in accordance with static marking at the beginning of the design. If the customer requires the coding content to be two lines of Chinese characters: the first line: the date of production 20130718; the second line: the expiration date: 20150718. When the speed is 60 meters per minute, it cannot be achieved with ordinary marking boards on the market. , It is very easy to use special software for laser coding. Professional laser coding software should have the characteristics of fast response speed

Second, the difference of galvanometer: laser coding requires very high galvanometer, and the speed of galvanometer is generally For more than 5000 times per second or more, static marking does not have high requirements on the galvanometer, and the marking speed is generally several hundred times per second. Lower when depth is required.

3. The difference in the appearance design of the whole machine: the customer’s application of the laser printing machine is generally installed on a high-speed assembly line, and the laser printer requires a small area. It is easy to integrate. The laser marking machine is designed according to the traditional mechanical equipment, and the volume is generally huge after all. In summary, the laser marking machine should have: software analysis response speed, The galvanometer is fast, small in size, and easy to integrate. Does the laser printing machine you buy have the above characteristics?
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