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Inkjet printer logo reminder: beware of the 'flicker' on imported food packaging

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-16

With the improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to food safety and quality, and imported food is regarded as the safest by everyone Environmentally friendly healthy food. Inevitably

, this has gradually become a topic of concern. For consumers, the most important way to identify the quality of food is to start with the packaging, and the marking of the cij printer is one of the most important basis.

Be careful of all kinds of 'flicks' on imported food packaging

The law enforcement officers have seen that one of the origins is Sichuan The pistachios, the outer packaging is very eye-catchingly printed with the words 'American primary color pistachiosIt is easy to cause consumers to misunderstand and mistake them for imported food. Law enforcement officers dealt with such food in accordance with the law.

A small number of imported foods have expired sales. During the inspection, it was found that a certain brand of olive oil has expired but is still on sale on the shelf; there is another brand of olive oil outside

The packaging indicates the production date, see the code, but the code shows The production date is January 25 (the inspection date is January 21), and it is suspected of forging the production date. Law enforcement officers

The above-mentioned products were seized.

Some domestically produced fruits are suspected of counterfeiting imported fruits or placarding 'organic food' labels without authorization. A mango with a packaging labelled 'Taiwan' appeared in the store, and the price is expensive

However, the supermarket did not provide any import inspection and quarantine report, and the salesperson claimed to have purchased the goods from a company in Qingxu. There are also some domestically produced fruits that have been posted without authorization.

With the label of 'organic foodOrder the above-mentioned fruits to be taken off the shelf for investigation.

Picking up a bottle of foreign wine, law enforcement officers 'searched' all over the body label and outer packaging, but still could not find the barcode on the outer packaging. Commodity barcode refers to a symbol composed of a set of regular

columns, spaces and their corresponding characters, which are used to represent certain commodity information. The 'Commodity Barcodes

Management Measures' promulgated by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China stipulates that sellers should actively adopt commodity barcodes. No barcode, unable to identify its information, suspected of counterfeiting imported food. Law enforcement officers found that

some foreign wine labels and outer packaging, there is no bar code due to regular imported wine, such foreign wine without bar code can not identify its importing place, Import time, etc.

body information. Law enforcement officers immediately ordered the suspension of sales and temporarily detained the product, pending further investigation.

A kind of frozen shrimp was originally in bulk, but the salesperson put it in a non-compliant packaging box without a factory name and sold it as an 'imported' product. Law enforcement officers now

The market orders the seller to make corrections, and only after the illegal packaging is removed, can the sale be allowed to continue.

The 'Food Safety Law of the People's Republic of China' stipulates that: importers should establish a food import and sales record system, and truthfully record the name, specification, and quantity of the food

Contents such as quantity, production date, production batch number or import batch number, shelf life, exporter and purchaser name and contact information, delivery date, etc. Food import and sales

Records should be true, and the retention period should not be less than two years.

During the inspection, some imported foods did not provide inspection and quarantine reports at the inspection site, and the salesperson claimed that they could provide them later; some imported foods were not established

Complete purchase and sales ledger. Law enforcement officials ordered the suspension of sales of these foods and removed them for investigation.

According to law enforcement officials, the Chinese label of food with legal origin must include the name, composition, net content, and place of origin , Production date, shelf life, distributors, etc.

. The standard Chinese label for imported food is printed on the package instead of affixed separately, especially the date of production, must be printed on the package, usually

The form of printer printing. For the sale of imported food, it must be accompanied by a food label with formal Chinese description, and the food name, ingredient list, manufacturer, date, etc. must be marked.

There are many types of imported food. Consumers must check the food labels carefully before buying, and be a savvy consumer.

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