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Inkjet printer logo teaches you to identify the authentic Moutai

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-16

Kweichow Moutai has the characteristics of clear and transparent, mellow and fragrant, soft in the mouth, clear and sweet, and long lasting. Its unique fragrance is called 'Maoxiang'. With the soaring price of Moutai, many fake Moutai with mixed fish and pearls appeared on the market. Experts suggest that the main way to identify the authenticity of Moutai is to look at the outer packaging. Specific attention should be paid to the following points:

First, look at the manufacturer. Kweichow Moutai is produced by Kweichow Moutai Co., Ltd. All the manufacturers labelled as affiliated factory, first factory, second factory and branch factory

'MoutaiFor fake wine.

The second is to look at the outer packaging materials. The packaging color box of real Maotai has a hard texture, beautiful printing, uniform color, some characters and patterns have obvious concavity and convexity, and the words on the box

The label is consistent, the bottle is a milky white glass bottle, the seal is a big red threaded twist-off anti-theft aluminum cap, and the top has 5 white characters 'Kweichow Moutai'

, the bottle mouth has no Inner plug; the outer packaging box of fake Moutai is usually unqualified inferior leather or other materials, and the seal is often used with red rubber caps of different shades. The color of the wine bottle is hair.

light blue.

The third is to look at the details of the logo. The bottom of the real Moutai wine bottle has the registered trademark of Moutai Company (five-star wheat ear label), and the bottom of the bottle has the code of the bottle factory. At present, Moutai Liquor Company

Si Moutai bottle type There are 4 types, namely HB, MB, CKK, and small squares. The logos on the bottom of the same box of Moutai bottles should be the same. If the logos of a box of Moutai are different

the same, it is possible that a counterfeit merchant has collected the bottles and installed them by hand. box.

The bottle caps of the real Moutai have inkjet codes on one side, which are uniformly printed by the cij printer equipment and the assembly line. The inkjet code consists of 3 lines of numbers, the first line indicates the date of the factory, the second line indicates the factory batch, and the third line indicates the production serial number. The 3 lines of data are unique, the color of the code is bright, the dot-like structure is uniform, full, and there is no scattering

like phenomenon; the top of the bottle cap is marked with a logo. The hand touch has obvious concavity and convexity, and the contact with the bottle mouth is very compact. Hold the metal part of the bottle cap lightly

Lightly rotate left and right, generally without looseness, No leakage.

Fourth, look at the anti-counterfeiting signs. Each box of Kweichow Moutai shipped from regular channels is equipped with an official identifier, which consumers can ask for. Through the recognizer

, the anti-counterfeiting label of Moutai will have a different effect than the naked eye. This is the most authoritative method provided by the government for authenticity identification.

Fifth, through the taste and style identification, Moutai is made from wheat, after 8 times of fermentation, it can be stored for two or three years before leaving the factory, so its liquor has no The color is transparent

, the wine has a prominent aroma, and the empty glass lasts for a long time. However, fake Moutai is mostly faked with sorghum, white dry wine, mixed liquor, etc., so it is difficult to have the special flavor of Moutai.

In addition, Moutai is all sauce-flavored. If you see Moutai labeled as Luzhou-flavor or other types, it is definitely fake. Moutai has no distinction of grades, and there is no such thing as positive or inferior grades. If there are grades, they must be fake. Moutai Distillery has never produced and sold so-called internal wines, internal wines for employees, and special (special) wines for festivals. These products are all counterfeit and infringing products.

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