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Inkjet printer manufacturers analyze the precautions for inkjet printer consumables-

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-29

How to choose inkjet printer consumables correctly? When you search this question on Baidu, you will find many different answers. What is the reason? Why are there no unified standards and guidelines so far? We first understand the classification of inkjet printer consumables, and hope that the purchaser can help.

Types of printer consumables. consumables are currently on the market in three categories, the first category is the so-called original inkjet printer consumables. The second inkjet printer category is non-original inkjet printer consumables (that is, 'compatibleThe third category is inkjet printer consumables with chip passwords (this is a monopoly plan adopted by some inkjet printer manufacturers to protect their own interests. When the ink of the inkjet printer reaches a certain time limit, the inkjet printer The printer will automatically alarm, prompting to change other inks. When purchasing inkjet industrial inkjet printer consumables, try to buy original consumables, because different cij printers use different inks, and the corresponding inkjet printer ink composition is also different. The use of inks containing other ingredients will also affect the entire machine. If it is difficult to purchase original consumables when purchasing consumables, try to choose alternative inks that have the same composition ratio as the original consumables and observe them all the time. If the stability of the printer's operation and the failure rate increase, the consumable must be stopped. manufacturers suggest that when purchasing inkjet printer consumables, cij industrial inkjet printer solvents and inks are the key, and you must be cautious when using alternative products.
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