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Inkjet printer manufacturers analyze the precautions for inkjet printer consumables

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-08-01

How to choose the inkjet printer consumables correctly? When you search for this question on Baidu, I believe you will find many different answers. Why is this? Why are there no unified standards and guidelines so far? Let's first understand the classification of inkjet printer consumables, and hope that the purchasers can help.

Types of inkjet printer consumables. There are currently three categories of cij printer consumables on the market. The first category is the so-called original inkjet printer consumables. The second type of inkjet printer is non-original inkjet printer consumables (that is, 'compatible', or some manufacturers promote fake inkjet printer consumables slogans in order to attack each other). The third category is the inkjet printer consumables with chip password (this is a plan that some inkjet printer manufacturers adopt a monopoly in order to protect their own interests. When the inkjet printer ink is used for a certain time limit, the inkjet printer will When purchasing inkjet printer consumables, users should try to buy original consumables, because different cij printers use different inks, and the corresponding inkjet printer ink composition is also different. The use of ink containing other components will also affect the entire machine. If it is difficult to choose the original consumables when purchasing consumables, try to choose an alternative ink that is in the same proportion as the original consumables, and always observe If the operation stability of the inkjet printer and the failure rate increase, the consumables must be stopped. The inkjet printer manufacturer recommends that when purchasing inkjet printer consumables, cij printer solvent and ink are the keys, and you must be cautious when using alternative products.
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