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Inkjet printer manufacturers daily maintenance inkjet printer maintenance specifications

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-22

Daily maintenance of inkjet printer manufacturers. maintenance specifications

Hello everyone, I am the editor. The inkjet printer is a kind of precision equipment. If the daily maintenance is not timely and in place, various failures are prone to occur, which will bring a lot of inconvenience to production. Therefore, the daily maintenance and maintenance of the inkjet printer is very important, and special personnel are required to manage and maintain it to ensure that the cij printer can operate normally during the production process. In order to extend the service life of the inkjet printer, improve the efficiency of the equipment, and reduce faults and errors. The editor of inkjet printer manufacturers summarized the routine maintenance procedures of inkjet printers for your reference.

1. Regular inspection and maintenance of the printer

Check the ink and solvent daily Liquid level, check the ink level and solvent level; when the liquid level is too low, it must be added in time according to the procedure. The ink bottle should not be overfilled when adding ink. If the ink is overfilled, it will cause precipitation and waste consumables and affect print quality.

Check whether the ink viscosity is normal every day. The ink viscosity is very important to the stable operation of the inkjet printer. If the ink viscosity is too high, it is easy to cause the main pump load to increase and damage the motor diaphragm; the ink viscosity is too low, which is easy Cause the pressure pump to rotate at a high speed, long-term high-speed rotation will shorten the life of the pump! In addition, the difference between the ink viscosity and the set value will also affect the print quality of the product. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the ink viscosity is normal.

The print head should be cleaned and dried before use every day. The print head is a key part of the printer. If the print head is too dirty, it will cause abnormal ink charging and large voltage changes at the deflection plate, which will directly affect the print quality . Therefore, if the nozzle of the machine is found to be too dirty, it should be scrubbed in time and dried with a hair dryer after cleaning.

Clean the surrounding area of u200bu200bthe printer every day, especially the hygiene of the printer shell, keep it clean, no ink stains on the printer, prevent the ink from dripping on the printer shell and cause corrosion, and protect the printer. The shell of the printer can effectively extend the life of the printer. Clean up the used solvent bottle and the scraps and paper scraps that have been scrubbed.

Clean the filter screen and check the fan weekly to prevent dust from entering the circuit system. Regularly cleaning the air filter screen can effectively make the air flow smoothly and ensure that the temperature of the circuit system remains at a normal temperature. The fan is also a necessary condition to ensure that the room temperature in the electronic system box is maintained.

The main filter of the inkjet printer should be replaced regularly. This is an important maintenance content of the inkjet printer. Because of the accumulation of ink impurities, it is easy to cause the inkjet printer to work instability. The important thing is that the filter is blocked. Seriously affect the service life of the pressure pump. Regular replacement of the filter will greatly extend the life of the pressure pump.

Second. Long-term downtime of the inkjet printer

Any shutdown, no matter the length of time, as long as the inkjet printer is up and running every week 2- 3 times, each time the ink line is opened and run for an hour, so that several short shutdowns can be used instead of long shutdowns.

After shutting down for more than three days and turning on the machine, the nozzles will generally be blocked, especially the anti-migration black ink machine. At this time, the nozzles should be removed for cleaning.

During a long holiday such as the 'Spring FestivalCause serious injury.

3. Handling and placement of the inkjet printer

In principle, each production line can only place one inkjet printer. Place a printer with different ink colors. It is strictly forbidden to place more than two machines.

If the printer fails, you should solve it immediately and contact the maintenance personnel. Do not move machines on other production lines at will, and you really need to obtain the consent of maintenance personnel. When there is a breakdown at night and there is no one on duty for maintenance, the defective machine should be placed in the maintenance room and explained. It is strictly forbidden to stack the defective inkjet printer on the spot.

When transporting the inkjet printer, please handle it gently to prevent excessive vibration of the machine. It is strictly forbidden to carry it savagely, which may cause damage to the inkjet printer.

Four. Use and storage of inkjet printer consumables

The consumables used by cij printers are highly volatile and should be kept below 35 degrees Celsius. , Avoid high temperature, keep away from fire and heat sources, and must be well sealed and stored in a well-ventilated place (stored in a thick-walled iron cabinet with good sealing).

The consumables of the inkjet printer are used strictly corresponding to the brand and model, and no substitutes should be used, otherwise it will cause serious damage to the equipment.

When the solvent splashes into the eyes, wash the eyes with plenty of water immediately.

V. Regular training

Regular training and assessment of operators, (manufacturers have free return visits every month, please ask for training.) Only continuous Improving the operating skills can make the machine reach the best condition, and can also reduce unnecessary waste and product defects.

have a certain service life. In daily use, you must be careful, pay attention to details, check and repair frequently, and pay attention to maintenance.

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