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Inkjet printer manufacturers introduce the correct use of laser printer fault handling-

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-29
At present, the laser printing machine occupies an important position in the market, because it can mark most metal and non-metal materials, but the price is much cheaper than the laser printer. During the re-marking process, there will inevitably be some phenomena that the power supply does not start and the power cannot be displayed. The following is an analysis of the reasons why the laser cij industrial inkjet printer has no power display information and the power supply does not start: 1. The laser cij printer works normally , But adjust the 'current' key, the power meter has no display information, always zero. If there is no display information, then the power meter power supply fails; if the display information is always zero, then the power meter sampling signal is interrupted. Check whether the 12V DC voltage is normal after the power meter is rectified.

2. Turn on the main power switch and press the button, the power will not start. This failure is due to the action of the protection circuit, and the AC 380V voltage cannot be powered on.

How to use the laser industrial inkjet printer: 1. Turn on the power of the computer host and the laser printer, and open the software that matches the laser printing machine on the computer desktop. 2. Enter the software interface, find the working area, write the content you want to code in the content editing area, and you can adjust the font and size. 3. Operate the laser printer, adjust the position of the laser and the height of the sensor. 4. Turn on the power switch of the assembly line, adjust to an appropriate speed, and pay attention to adjusting the spacing between the boards to ensure that the product does not run during printing, and the laser printing machine can also start coding.
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