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Inkjet printer manufacturers: What are the main functions of inkjet printers?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-22

manufacturers: What are the main functions of cij printers?

Hello everyone, I am the editor of the printer manufacturer. Today, I will introduce to you where the main function of the inkjet printer is? The following content is organized by the editor, and the relevant content is for reference.

are also widely used in many industries. At present, many businesses recognize the development situation of this type of backlit inkjet printers. For this type of cij printers, many merchants are not satisfied Mouthful. So where is the main function of the backlight printer?

1. Display product information and perform product identification

As we all know, cij printer products are mainly used to code products, and the main information of inkjet coding includes product information. The production date, shelf life, and the corresponding batch number and expiration date, etc., and the main function of the backlight inkjet printer lies in this. At present, the popular clothing inkjet printer can identify this kind of product. Because from the naked eye, it is difficult to distinguish the trademark or brand from the appearance of the product, and the clear printing of the backlit inkjet printer can make the product corresponding information clearly appear on the product outer packaging, so that people can quickly identify the genuine product. In this way, the interests of consumers and manufacturers are guaranteed, and counterfeit and inferior products can be better combated.

2. Convenient logistics tracking, realizing product anti-counterfeiting and cross-regional sales

Using cij printers, you can apply QR codes and Barcodes and other related information, so that product classification can be carried out faster, and it can also ensure that the product is in the transportation process, which is convenient for manufacturers to track logistics and facilitate the management between the production line and the cargo compartment. At the same time, use the backlit inkjet printer to spray some special symbols on the outer packaging of the product, such as special font graphics and codes, and use special functions such as invisible ink to prevent the circulation of counterfeit and shoddy products. Regional sales, greater convenience for customer management, avoid cross-regional and cross-sales.

In short, the main function of the backlight inkjet printer is in the above two aspects. In addition, the use of this widely recognized backlight inkjet printer can effectively reduce the cost of the enterprise and enhance the product The added value can better guarantee the vital interests of consumers and prevent consumers from buying fake and inferior products. It can be seen that the role of the backlight printer cannot be underestimated.

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